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    About the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Cognitive Ability

    In today's complex, fast-paced work environments, the success of an organization can depend upon employees with the cognitive skills to:

    • think critically
    • perform tasks more efficiently
    • accurately acquire new knowledge
    • effectively apply information

    Cognitive ability assessments can reveal important insights into how suitable candidates are for the job they're applying for.

    The new WorkFORCE® Assessment for Cognitive Ability helps you efficiently find candidates who have the basic cognitive skills needed for a particular position. This web-based assessment measures an individual's skill at using written and printed information on three cognitive ability scales:

    • Prose: measures how well individuals understand and use information found in newspapers, magazines, novels, manuals or other text in paragraph form. Most adults use prose reading ability to answer questions, to learn how to do something or for entertainment.
    • Document: measures the knowledge and skills required by an individual to locate and use information contained in job applications or payroll forms, bus schedules, maps, indexes and several types of information. Individuals use document reading skills to obtain or exchange information in daily contexts.
    • Quantitative: measures the knowledge and skills required by an individual to apply arithmetic operations, either alone or sequentially, that are embedded in printed materials, such as in balancing a checkbook, figuring out a tip, completing an order form or determining the amount of interest on a loan.

    Recruit with confidence by adding WorkFORCE Assessment for Cognitive Ability to your recruiting process, and you'll be able to:

    • More effectively screen candidates
    • Efficiently conduct high-volume recruiting
    • Compare candidates to help identify the best fit
    • Streamline the interview process
    • Guide placement into training programs

    Learn more about the advantages offered by the assessment.

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