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    Achieve Your Program Goals

    ETS's research-based assessments and higher education services provide valid, reliable data that can improve the success of your students and your institution.

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    Higher Education Resources


    Measures critical skills required for graduate programs, including business and law Learn more about the GRE General Test


    Measures critical skills required for graduate and professional programs taught in Spanish Learn more about the EXADEP Exam


    Assesses students’ English proficiency at the university level Learn more about the TOEFL Tests


    Provides an online, instructor-led writing tool to help students improve writing skills Learn more about Criterion Online Writing Evaluation Tool

    The TouchPoint® Assessment Portfolio provides the data your institution needs to demonstrate impact on student learning and accomplish its goals.


    Measures student learning outcomes through a suite of five assessment modules Learn more about Heighten Outcomes Assessment Suite

    ETS® Major Field Tests

    Assess student knowledge within their academic major Learn more about ETS Major Field Tests

    ETS® Proficiency Profile

    Provides valid, actionable data for accreditation requirements and initiatives Learn more about ETS Proficiency Profile

    Search Services

    Learn how these services can help you find and reach prospective applicants.

    GRE® Search Service

    TOEFL® Search Service

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