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    Elevate Your Impact
    With the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite

    Introducing the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite

    Demonstrate your institution’s impact on student learning with the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite, a comprehensive new tool that can be used independently or alongside your institution's existing measures to improve learning effectiveness and demonstrate the validity of your general education program.

    This suite of computer-delivered, modular assessments provides the valid and reliable data you need to support your educators in their mission and demonstrate the impact they’re having in the classroom.

    Available assessments include:

    • Civic Competency & Engagement
    • Critical Thinking
    • Intercultural Competency & Diversity
    • Quantitative Literacy
    • Written Communication

    Learn more about the HEIghten assessment suite

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    Watch Our Video Overview

    Learn more about the assessment design constructs and research methods used to develop the HEIghten outcomes assessment suite.

    Watch the video
    Read the transcript

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    New Assessments Now Available

    The new HEIghten Civic Competency & Engagement and Intercultural Competency & Diversity modules are now available. For more information, call us at 1-800-745-0269.

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    Register for a complimentary live webinar or request to view an on-demand webinar to learn how you can enhance your assessment plan.

    Get More Information

    Talk to an ETS Advisor to get more information about the HEIghten assessment suite.
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