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    Testing Arrangements for Paper-delivered Tests

    Supplementary Test Centers

    If you are more than 125 (201 kilometers) miles from the nearest center scheduled to administer the paper-delivered GRE® General Test or GRE® Subject Tests, you may request a supplementary center. Your request must:

    • accompany your completed registration form and fees
    • be received by the supplementary test center registration deadline
    • include the name and complete address of an institution and staff member willing to administer the test
    • indicate if you would prefer another test date or a refund since centers cannot be guaranteed
    • explain why the available test centers are not suitable

    Monday Testing

    Monday testing will be arranged only for those whose religious convictions prevent them from testing on Saturday. To register, mail your Registration Form for the Paper-delivered GRE® General Test, fees and letter — signed by your cleric on letterhead stationery — confirming your affiliation with a recognized religious body whose convictions prevent you from testing on Saturday.

    • Your request must be received by the Monday administration registration deadline.
    • Leave the test center number blank on your registration form, but indicate the city and state where you wish to test.
    • You will be assigned to the closest available center within 125 miles for locations that are scheduled for Saturday test dates.
    • No standby testing is permitted.

    Standby Testing

    Standby testing may be available if sufficient space, test materials and staff are available at the test center. If you would like to attempt to test as a standby, report to the test center by 8:15 a.m. with:

    Standby registration is not available for Monday testing, testing in Mainland China; Hong Kong, China; Taiwan, China; Korea; India; and Iran or for those requesting disability or health-related testing accommodations.

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    Send Only Your Best Scores

    Approach test day with more confidence, knowing you can send the scores that show your personal best — only with the ScoreSelect® option.

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