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    Data Interpretation Sets


    Data Interpretation questions are grouped together and refer to the same table, graph or other data presentation. These questions ask you to interpret or analyze the given data. The types of questions may be Multiple-choice (both types) or Numeric Entry.

    Tips for Answering

    1. Scan the data presentation briefly to see what it is about, but do not spend time studying all of the information in detail. Focus on those aspects of the data that are necessary to answer the questions. Pay attention to the axes and scales of graphs; to the units of measurement or orders of magnitude (such as billions) that are given in the titles, labels and legends; and to any notes that clarify the data.
    2. When graphical data presentations, such as bar graphs and line graphs, are shown with scales, you should read, estimate, or compare quantities by sight or by measurement, according to the corresponding scales. For example, you can use the relative sizes of bars or sectors to compare the quantities that they represent, but be aware of broken scales and of bars that do not start at 0.
    3. The questions are to be answered only on the basis of the data presented, everyday facts (such as the number of days in a year) and your knowledge of mathematics. Do not make use of specialized information you may recall from other sources about the particular context on which the questions are based unless the information can be derived from the data presented.

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